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"Karen and Mike have been cleaning my condo dryer vent & chimney for a decade, and I cannot thank them enough! Prompt, flexible, professional, they work hard to accommodate a busy family, plus the prices are very fair! I highly recommend them! They do the job right THE FIRST TIME! AMAZING! Jill Mc- Morganville"

8/20/20 Millponds

Ind. Square Freehold, NJ

"Karen and Mike, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to correct my disconnected dryer vent which was found during my condo associations 2 year inspection. Karen, thank you so much for your quick response and scheduling. Mike, for taking the time for what we thought would be a simple job and correcting it. Very prompt, precise and upfront with pricing. We will definitely be returning for future services"~Susanne W., Freehold, NJ


Regarding dryer vent cleaning:

"Total professional, always on time. Would recommend in a second"

Linda Eldred, North Brunswick 02/23/18

" Karen & Mike,

We were thrilled with the service you provided recently - kudos to you both! The appointment scheduling was super easy and very accommodating to our morning availability. Mike was on time and did a fantastic job cleaning not only rugs and stairs, but upholstered kitchen chairs that came out looking brand new. Thank you for the quality service and professionalism that you both deliver - with a smile, friendliness and honesty that is hard to come by these days!

Best regards! "

J. Mercurio, Kendall Park, NJ

" Hi Mike:

I just wanted to thank you for dealing with the"extra present" you found in the dryer vent. Not the way you wanted to end the day. It's always a pleasure dealing with you-reliable and honest contractors like you are few and far between. I'll be making a trip to Lowe's over the weekend since Home Depot doesn't carry the cage I need.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Have a great summer 



P.S. Thanks as well for the "pot repair". My pansies are no longer drowning! "

Anne Rosenblatt, Monmouth Junction, NJ

I just received your newsletter and it reminded me that I wanted to send you a testimonial on the great work you did at our house- carpets, grout, air ducts and dryer vent. Mike worked very hard and paid attention to the smallest detail, even cleaning our vent covers! I was very pleased with the work and now my house is a lot healthier now! Thank you so much and I will definitely refer you to my friends!"

- Elyse Schulman, Edison


I would like to thank you and Mike for FABULOUS service.

Karen....thank you for responding to my email request so fast and Mike....thank you for an awesome service on a HOLIDAY!! (I do appreciate you working on that day).

I promise to recommend your company for ALL of the services you provide. It's very comforting to know that good service at an affordable price still exists!! I'm actually considering having my dryer vent done every year, as opposed to the associations every two year recommendation....just because of you. Have a wonderful holiday!

- Stacey Hughes, Ewing, NJ (Heritage Crossing)

Mike Antczak is my hero!!! He came to my home for a simple dryer vent cleaning, little did he know how complicated it would be. After cleaning the vent, the dryer was not getting a good reading (back pressure monitor) so he went into the attic and then found the problem by the vent in the roof. Mike was thorough and efficient. Being a single woman I appreciated his honesty and was very comfortable with the work he did and the manner in which he did it. He also did an air duct cleaning and replaced old screws and caulked around the vents that just didn't want to stay attached to the wall. Phone calls are promptly returned and costs of services are given up front. I would recommend the Antczak's to everyone. I only wish they did more services.

 - L. Gillies, Freehold, NJ

Karen, thank you for being so wonderful on the phone with me. You explained the process of cleaning my dryer vent, carpets and air ducts to such detail... Mike came in and did just what you said. Thank you for your kindness and quality service. A rare gem in the industry. Your services were a tad bit more then the competition, but no surprises... priced just as quoted on the phone... worth every penny! I will recommend you to my family and friends, thank you again!

- Jordan Bridge, North Brunswick, NJ

Karen & Mike, Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the great cleaning job of our chimney. It was hard to believe but we actually noticed a big difference in the intensity of the fire and heat over the weekend....and it came at a perfect time.........and Mike the left living cleaner than we he came in....

THANK YOU again......

- Steve & Barbara Wilk, Bedminster, NJ

I just wanted to say thank you for coming and cleaning my vents, chimney and dryer today. Mike was fantastic and put me at ease with what he was doing and going above and beyond. If anyone I know needs any of your services I will recommend your services. Quick, professional and true to costs. Even the cat enjoyed the company.

- Kristina Funk, Monmouth Junction

I just had my appointment with Antczak's Complete Service Company to figure out my dryer problem. We went outside and Mike noticed that the dryer vent on the roof had lint sticking out of it. Mike then went into my attic and and proceeded to take the dryer vent ducting apart. When he was finally able to access the roof vent he was able to pull enough lint out of the ducting and vent on the rood to fill a 5 gallon jug. The lint did not have the same texture as lint out of the dryer filter screen. The lint was thick and moist and very similar to a wet sock. We went back outside and noticed the dryer vent on the roof was not clear and Mike took a look around at some of the other roofs. We were actually able to see other roof vents that had lint sticking out of them. I am telling you all this because I believe the rest of the community should be aware of this problem. Mike Antczak did an exceptional job.

and I recommend his company to be a part of cleaning out the communities roof vents.

 - Craig Clayton, Laurence Harbor

This is the second time I've used Antczak's service... the first time I was so impressed with Mike's honesty about my dryer vent status that I call whenever I need my vent cleaned. He could have easily left it the way it was without fixing it and I would never have known any different. Mike and Karen are so professional and very friendly. Ever time I need something done that is offered by the company I will call and always refer my neighbors and friends to the company.

 - V. Gray, Dayton


Once again thank you for your services. Your company is an absolute class act

- Jason Barasky, North Brunswick

Just to let you know I was VERY pleased beyond "Thank You" for the three carpets done for me. I surely though I had to get new ones as they were "puppy" bad... You are great people and we do have good laugh! I have been telling people about your special talents! Thank you and God Bless to your family!

- Carol Dudar, Edison

Mike & Karen,

I was very impressed with the professional, thorough and prompt service I received. The dryer vent was cleaned but my real surprise was the chimney cleaning inspection! Boy did I receive an education. This was the first time that everything was explained in detail. My last inspector indicated that there were several cracks that needed to be repaired at a very large sum of money. I was uncertain as to where the cracks were and what the actual repairs would be. Mike checked everything and explained that the cracks were no in the chimney but in the firebox and could be easily and inexpensively repaired. This has save me a lot of money. Mike spent the time to actually show me the schematic of a chimney (which is part of the invoice) and where the cracks were. I also learned that none of the previous inspectors were certified... another eye opener."

My experience was painless. That is saying a lot for the extraordinary customer service provided by the Antczak's. I must say that I was surprised and very pleased to receive a follow-up letter. How exceptional is that!

Excellent work and outstanding customer service. You guys are a great team.

- Bella Levitt, Old Bridge

After looking at six different coupons for air duct cleaning and calling a few, I was more frustrated and confused than ever. I decided to call my neighbor who is my 'go to' person for many household things. I knew I didn't want a bunch of strangers in my house around my family. And I didn't want to get 'taken for a ride.' The Antczak's were prompt, friendly, and extremely efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. I also had no worries with them in my home.

Thanks Mike & Karen!

- Lyn Sirota, Franklin Park

Mike & Karen, keep up the great work! Your customer service is second to none.

- J.P. Corrigan, Basking Ridge

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